Composition, Rhetoric, and English Studies

PhD Program Requirements


The PhD specialization in CRES requires a total of 48 hours coursework, 24 dissertation hours, and two hours of teaching practicum (for teaching assistants). Students with previous graduate work may transfer in up to eighteen hours of applicable coursework. Students may not transfer graduate credit that is more than six years old.

There is a minimum of 30 hours credit required beyond the master’s degree (earned here or elsewhere).

Language Requirement

PhD students must demonstrate reading proficiency in two foreign languages, OR advanced proficiency in one foreign language.

Exam and Dissertation

After finishing coursework, the student must be formally admitted to candidacy for the degree. To meet this requirement, each student must pass a written preliminary examination, and engage with his or her dissertation committee in a one-hour conference concerning the dissertation prospectus.

Once the prospectus conference is completed, the student may proceed to the dissertation.

Visit the UA Graduate Catalog for information about the PhD program, including degree and course requirements.